GeoTargeted Proximity Marketing
from appSAVE®.

You already knew that the Smart Phone was changing the game.
The Coronavirus just Dramatically Shortened the time frame.
The days of the Shotgun, Blast Out approach of advertising messages to everyone, everywhere are gone. Consumers want control over what they get. They want messages that are personalized to them, pertinent at the time, when they want and where they want.

Folks will become used to having Their preferences for what They want, delivered to them Automatically, on Their terms, and based upon Their Location at the time. 

The way folks interact with businesses is changing. The new Buzz Words are:
*TouchlessMarketing *TouchlessConnect *TouchlessInfo *GeoTargeting *ClickToPay.

If you haven't heard about this technology and your competitor has, more than likely they are already stealing your customers.

Smart Phones have Changed the Game

But you already knew that.
The question becomes
What are you Doing about it?

Till now there wasn't an affordable way.

We'll give you a Free GooMAPS listing.

It's a Big Deal and you might want to see just HOW BIG.

It's a part of appSAVE®, something you will be seeing a LOT MORE.

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UtahSave is just one of our states.

We are now in 11 states including the Caribbean. See

Why do we have these (State) sites? It's a part of our Free program and a huge benefit to the consumer.

Now they can find a business by State and City with a couple of taps on their phone.

In addition, appSAVE® lets them find the best local deal on Auto-Pilot for Instant information based upon where they are at the moment.

Another Cool one,

This one FREE and we'll show you how to do it, and stay FREE as long as you want.

Another Exclusive tool we have incorporated into our system. We show you how to do this with the QR codes, or you can opt to have it tied in with your GeoFence.

You need to be on the One Device they are already using...Their SmartPhone.

And more importantly, you need to be there WHEN they are looking for deals, updates, announcements or information.

Radio, Yellow Pages and Newspapers are from 100 to 300 year old technology and on a Severe Decline.

The cost of ALL broadcast media is soaring.

Less than 8% of all Millennials will ever have a Newspaper or Yellow Pages in their residence.

Want to find out more about the FREE listing?
It also includes a Free Website if you need one.

If you aren't Where
they are looking,
When they are looking
and your competitor is,
that competitor is
Already Stealing
your customers